Latitude Boat Management

Latitude Yacht Sales offers a host of services designed to help you enjoy worry free boating. In case you are out of state or live away from where you keep your boat, we can assist in the maintenance, cleaning, and fueling at your dock.

Through our network of service professionals and suppliers we can provide you with the following services:

  • Cleaning and detailing
  • Wet sanding and polishing
  • Compound and wax
  • Hull and fiberglass repairs
  • Bottom painting
  • Propeller balancing and repairs
  • Engine maintenance and repairs
  • AC service and repairs
  • Instrument installation and repairs
  • Painting
  • Cabinet and wood working
  • Fuel delivery
  • Hurricane preparation

But it doesn’t stop there. Most importantly we research, design and install custom state of the art monitoring and safety systems so you can see the health of your batteries, high water level in your bilges and temperature in the cabin, all from an app on your mobile device. Having these technologies and knowing if shore power is disconnected lets you have peace of mind that your boat is safe. Because if there’s an issue, you have the tools to respond before it becomes a problem.

When heading offshore we recommend crews wear MOB alerting and last known location tracking. With systems such as the ACR OLAS TAG (Overboard Location Alert System) you and your crew will cruise safer. Because of systems such as the ACR OLAS Guardian wireless engine shutdown, you can enjoy a greater degree of safety while boating. And in the event a crew member should go overboard, the mobile device application option can alert you within 8 seconds sounding an alarm and recording the coordinates of the incident.

Regardless of the size of your boat or yacht, it’s going to need maintenance and service, and if you’re remote or need someone to take care of it for you, we’re your local boots on the ground.

Give us a call to learn more about our service offerings and discuss your requirements.